The Villages Bonsai Club  

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Becoming a Member

Membership is open only to residents of The Villages and dues are $10 per year.
A spouse or significant other may join at a reduced rate of $5 per year.
The club meets on the first Friday of the month at Laurel Manor recreation center @ 1:00 pm.
Members can begin arriving @ 12:30 to help set up.

Benefits of membership are:
Learning bonsai
Attend club meetings, workshops, demonstrations, field trips and tours
Use of the club library
Attend group trips, tours, workshops and outings
Participate in club pot swap

The Villages Bonsai Club Officers

Reed Panos                           President
        Bob Silva                              Vice President
 Darry Bova                           Secretary

Paul Bova                             Treasurer

Club Shirts

 Each member should purchase their own light yellow (NO mustard color please) shirt
 (golf, blouse, T-shirt, etc.) and wear your name tag with club logo on it.
We have the clip on holders for the name tags.  For those members without pacemakers,
we will have the small magnets for sale to attach to the back of the name tag if you prefer.
If you wish Club logo embroidery for $12 is available at Custom Apparel
 between Publix & Ace Hardware on CR 466.

Club Aprons
The apron is green with The Villages Bonsai Club embroidered on the front.
It has three very deep pockets and pulls over your head and ties at waist.
Aprons are worn by all members who volunteer at club exhibitions.
This apron is also great for protecting clothing when working on your bonsai.
Cost is $12.00

This notebook is a great way to store and categorize your bonsai information.
The notebook also includes usefull bonsai information.
Extra subject tabs and note paper are included.
Cost is $7.00

Bonsai Trees and Pots Inventory Spreadsheet
There is a link to downlaod an Excel spreadsheet
Link to Excel format

Pot Swap
The pot swap is for club members only.
Members may bring bonsai related items to the monthly meetings.
These items may be for sale, for trade or free, on a first come basis.

Examples of items included in pot swaps are
; pots, plant cuttings or trees, books & magazines, supplies (soil, wire, plastic mesh), tools.

Bonsai Exit Strategy
The day will come when we exit the bonsai hobby for whatever reason.
If that exit is sudden without a plan in place for what happens to your trees,
a sizable investment in both time and money
could be lost.
Obviously the best solution is passing the collection to a loved one, be it a spouse, child or grandchild, niece or nephew, to a friend or fellow club member.
Don't wait until it's too late to have a plan in place. Make sure whoever will inherit your trees is informed, ready and willing.
Put the exit strategy in writing and separate from your will or trust. By the time those documents are reviewed, your Bonsai could be joining you.

If no one is willing to take on the responsibility of caring for your prized bonsai,
make sure the plan outlines what to do with them.
For members with a sizable collection of trees and items, sell them to D&L Nursery, place on consignment sale via D&L Nursery, or as last resort donate them to the club.
The club will raffle everything to the membership which will ensure proper care for your 'beloved tree friends.'