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"Dig In The Dirt" Workshops

3rd Friday of the month 12:30 p.m. to 2:50 p.m. 

Laurel Manor, Adams Room

You can observe or participate....even if you have a tree or plant you just want to discuss or get ideas how to style, pot or repot, trim, etc., then do the work later at home.

Reminder to BRING the following items if you plan to do the work at Laurel Manor:
Plastic or garbage bag to completely cover the table
Newspaper and a cardboard or plastic box, if you need to repot
Tools, Wire, Soil, Pots, Plastic Screen, Plastic Gloves, Tree/Plant, Water Spray Bottle
Notebook & Pen or Pencil
(Must clean up any messes prior to leaving the Adams Room - Broom & Dust Pan are provided by Laurel Manor)

What is a "Dig In The Dirt" workshop?
 It is our club workshop day where members can bring their trees with questions for discussion, and/or work on them while someone is there to help, OR just to observe and takes notes.
What is meant by "work on them" is styling suggestions, trimming, wiring, pot selection, potting, re-potting (yes, it is different from potting) and any bonsai related questions.
SUGGESTION For All Members:
Schedule yourself a little quiet time to sit & study your tree so you will have an idea of what you want it to look like before arriving at the workshop.
If you have no idea, that's what your club members are there help you get started.
Even if you do not have a need to wire, pot, repot, create or style one of your plants into a tree, there is a lot to learn by observing & ask questions at each and every workshop. We are trying new ideas at the workshops. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact an officer and let them know.

D&L Nursery Workshops

Google Map to D&L Nursery

Alternative Map to D&L

Hwy 441 North to CR 42
Turn RIGHT onto CR 42
Travel CR 42 to CR 25 (Traffic light/signal in Weirsdale)
Turn LEFT at traffic light onto CR 25
Travel CR 25 to CR 464C (Traffic light/signal in Ocklawaha)
Turn RIGHT at traffic light onto CR 464C
Travel CR 464C to 314A ( 464C Dead Ends at 314A)
Turn LEFT onto 314A and go approximately 3 miles
D&L Nursery sign will be on RIGHT....BUT...
Turn LEFT onto dirt road across from the D&L Nursery sign
Follow the LEFT forked road appx. 1/4 mile to the Nursery
Enjoy a bonsai experience!!!

Visit David & Linda's website for info on when their workshops are scheduled.